Kinvalve Unibody Ball Valve
Superior quality single body construction ball valve available in either stainless steel, carbon steel, or any other special steel alloy on request. It has self-adjusting seats and a blow-out-proof stem design. It is compatible with various actuator types and sizes.

Unique Features of Kinvalve Unibody Ball Valve

  • Single body construction provides superior structural strength and less leaking path
  • Easy to automate with electric or pneumatic actuators
  • Cavity pressure self-relieving design to prevent seat damage and offer small torque
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It is a single-body ball valve with a wide pressure rating and ideal for temperature ranges of -20°F (-29°C)- 450°F(232°C). It has an ISO mounting pad that is compatible with a pneumatic or electric actuator. This flanged ball valve has a lockable handle, a blow-out-proof shouldered stem, and an inbuilt anti-static device. It is available in size options from NPS ½ to NPS 12.

Key Benefits:

  • Size: 1/2″ – 12″
  • ISO 5211 Mounting Pad
  • Body: ASTM A351 Gr.CF8M Ball: SS316 Stem: SS316/SS304
  • Seats & Seals: PTFE as Standard
  • Temperature Rating: -20°F (-29°C)- 450°F(232°C)
  • Working Pressure: Class 150/300, PN10-40, JIS10k/20k
  • Design Standard: ASME B 16.34/API 608, ISO 17292, JIS B2071
  • Face-to-Face: ANSI B16.10, EN 558, JIS B2002
  • Flange Dimensions: ANSI B16.5, DIN2632/2633 & DIN2634/2635, JIS B2212/2214
  • Test Standard: API 598, ISO 5208, JIS B2003
  • Anti-Blowout Stem Design Optional
  • Fire-safe Design Optional
  • Live-loading Stem Packing Optional
  • Multiple Stem O-rings Optional

Kinvalve: Your Outstanding Unibody Ball Valve Manufacturer

A unibody ball valve is a type of flanged ball valve that comes with a sturdy single-piece body structure. Compared to the split ball valve, it provides better structural strength while also eliminating unnecessary joints that could become leakage paths when in service.

A unibody ball valve requires no lubrication while in service. It provides remarkably low and uniform rotating, reducing the wearing of its components and giving you a long cycle life.

Our flanged unibody ball valve is made by using high-quality stainless steel or carbon steel. It is resistant to corrosion, making these ball valves safe for use in most oil and gas production pipelines, chemical applications, and refineries.

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Kinvalve: Your One-Stop Supplier Of Safety-Assured Unibody Ball Valve From China

Kinvalve, in the last 18 years, has been manufacturing superior quality unibody ball valves that are tailor-made to meet your unique industry requirements.

We ensure the unibody ball valve meets the requisite national and international safety requirements, and every unibody that we manufacture is tested to that effect. As such, our unibody ball valves meet all API, ISO JIS, ANSI, and DIN requirements.

Our quality control experts inspect every component of the valve to ensure it performs to maximum standards. Our unibody ball valve also goes through various pressure tests following API6D/598 regulations that govern the pressure capabilities of the seats and shell of the valve.

Kinvalve also conducts due process inspections on your unibody ball valve to ensure the tags and markings on the valve are correct and in conformity to all ANSI and API standard requirements.

Although our Kinvalve flanged unibody ball valve comes in single body construction, the threaded insert design can be removed so that you can access the internal trim – ball, seats, and sealing seals for the necessary maintenance and replacement.

Kinvalve unibody ball valve allows you to match the standard actuator package as desired. It comes with an ISO-approved mounting pad that helps you to install actuators interchangeably without the extra bracket and alignment.

Kinvalve offers you dual-material seals and self-relieving seat options for your best sealing unibody ball valves that are designed to withstand the severe service conditions and thermal expansion in your pipelines.

Every unit of Kinvalve unibody ball valve has an option of anti-static devices installed between the ball and the stem and another between the stem and the body.

During operation, there’s usually a lot of contact between the ball, stem, and body of the valve. This constant friction of the components often results in an accumulation of static electricity between the moving parts, which can quickly spark into a fire inside the valve.

The anti-static devices are placed in these contacting parts, preventing the accumulation by releasing static charge through the path stem-ball-body to the ground.

In case of a fire, you can choose the metal-to-metal contacts as secondary sealing. The metal seals protect the unibody ball valve from leaking that could occur due to the high temperature destroy the elastomeric seals.

These graphite-free fire-safe designs together with the anti-static devices guarantee the safe use of unibody ball valves in your volatile, flammable, and explosive services.

Our flanged unibody ball valve has a blowout-proof stem or shaft; it is designed to withstand excess pressure levels without blowing out of the valve.

The unibody ball valve stem is more prominent in diameter than other valve-type stems and features a collar or shoulder on its lower end. This stem is inserted from inside the valve, and the unique collar keeps it in place during operation.

The stem sealing design is crucial for your unibody ball valve. When you seal your stem correctly, you eliminate the risk of fugitive emission leaking out of your unibody ball valve and causing harm to you or your pipeline.

The Kinvalve unibody ball valve comes with an increased stem packing depth, allowing you to pack around it to prevent leakage.

You can consider sealing your unibody ball valve stem with multiple solid cup-to-cone PTFE or graphite packing. These packing sets guide the stem, preventing it from being thrust sideways due to pressure in the valve.

The cup-to-cone stem packing allows a wide range of radial expansion on both inner and outer diameters. This stem packing configuration only requires low force to create reliable sealing. So that it reduces the stem friction and ensures low operating torque.

Your Kinvalve unibody ball valve also can come with a small hole located on the topmost part of the ball and another on the body. When the valve comes to a closed position while in operation, the two holes align and release pressure out the valve.

The continuous release of cavity pressure, also known as venting, helps maintain balanced pressure in the valve cavity.

The packing support rings around your unibody ball valve stem also help balance pressure by distributing it evenly in the valve.

Here at Kinvalve, we always strive to manufacture and supply you with only the best quality unibody ball valve. Our engineering team, quality control unit, and customer care team are ready to help you with any unibody ball valve questions.

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