Kinvalve Flanged Y Strainer
Kinvalve flanged Y strainers are available in stainless steel and carbon steel, with large flow area and less pressure drop. These flanged Y strainers feature bolted cover and customized straining screen for your specifications.

Your High Performance Flanged Y Strainer

  • Drain valve or plug and bolted cap ensure easy maintenance
  • Large filtration area offering less pressure drop
  • Low-pressure loss and therefore longer operation time
  • Inspectioni-flanged-Y-strainer
  • flanged-y-strainer-high-performance-cnc

Flanged Y Strainers are designed to install between two flanges in accordance with a variety of flange standards, ANSI/API, ISO and JIS.

Our flanged Y strainers can be conveniently used in your horizontal or vertical pipelines. However, the ‘leg’ housing the filter component should be downside direction.

Kinvalve provides custom service on the material and mesh sizes of the screening for your specifics.

Key Benefits:

  • Sizes available in 1/2” – 12”
  • Body&cap: ASTM A351 Gr. CF8M/CF8, A216 WCB
  • Mesh/Filter Element: ASTM A 276 T – 304 / 316 (SS 304 / SS 316), Brass or other alloy
  • Seal: PTFE as standard, Stainless steel/Graphite or Stainless steel + Graphite on request
  • Design Standard: ASME B 16.34
  • Inspection & Testing Standard: API 598
  • Face to face dimension: ASME B 16.10
  • End Connection: Class 150#/300#, 10K/20K, PN10/16/25/40
  • Monel screens as option
  • Perforated stainless steel screens – 1/32” to ½”
  • 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 150, 200, 325 and 400 mesh stainless steel screens

Your Trusted Source of Flanged Y Strainer

Kinvalve flange filter is a kind of filter device, which can physically remove impurities and solids in a certain size range that are not expected to appear in the pipeline.

These flanged type Y strainers are widely used in liquids, gas, or steam to protect your downstream pumps, meters, steam traps, regulators and other process equipment.

At Kinvalve, flanged Y strainers are available in stainless steel and carbon steel body. Kinvalve stainless steel Y strainer flanged are the commonest item in the market. Carbon steel flanged Y strainer is the cost-effective choice with robust wear resistance.

Kinvalve flanged Y strainers can be installed in both horizontal and vertical positions, this depends on your preference and your application requirements.

However, in both of these cases, the mesh part should be on the downside of the flanged Y strainer because you can keep the unwanted debris inside the valve body.

Although flange filters can be used in a variety of industries and applications when it comes to specific service conditions, you still need to choose the right material and size, and even need to customize it to meet your needs.

When you encounter a situation that makes you indecisive, you can contact Kinvalve and our professional team will solve your worries.


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Kinvalve Flanged Y Strainer Defends Your Downstream Valuable Devices

Compared to threaded Y strainers, Kinvalve flanged Y strainers are available in relatively larger port sizes.

Kinvalve can supply the flanged Y strainer with a range from 2” to 12”. Our commonest flanged Y strainer is designed to ANSI specifications, and JIS or DIN specifications are available as your requesting.

At Kinvalve, flanged Y strainers are engineered standard with bolted covers. This kind of cover offers quick to disassemble and minimize the maintenance and shutdown cost when you need to clean out the strainers.

While on the opposite side, the unexpected solids in the flow are large in amount and the application requires frequent cleanout, and if it’s critical to keep your system working stable.

Kinvalve Y strainer flange type can be designed with nipple and drain valves in the field, which permit the filter element to be cleaned while your system is still in process.

As we talk to you hundreds of times, the strainer element of a screen is very important to a strainer, the screen in a flanged Y strainer is also the point for it to act as a filter.

You must select the perfect mesh size to capture the maximum particle size that your downstream valuable equipment can safely handle.

At Kinvalve, we offer you stainless steel screens as standard for flange y type strainers. These stainless steel filter elements are precisely designed and processed, perfectly matched with the filter base to avoid any unfiltered impurities and solids from the gap.

Kinvalve flange Y type strainer is designed with the right material to withstand severe application conditions for a long time.

As an experienced Y strainer manufacturer, Kinvalve can customize your flanged Y strainer with its screen sizes, screen material, and body materials to match any specifications.

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