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Distinct From other Supplier with Kinvalve Check Valve

There are many types of check valves to be designed to satisfy your specific requirements of these many applications.

At Kinvalve, there are some of the more popular types including Swing check valves, flapper check valves, dual plate check valves, and wafer check valves, spring check valves.

These check valves are classified according to their structural characteristics.

Like everything in the world, each check valve has its advantages and limitations.

Our task is to strengthen its advantages while trying to eliminate the impact of its shortcomings. You can always find what you want in our full range of check valves.

Take time to contact Kinvalve to assist in the selection of the best check valve now.

We will provide a one-stop check valve solution for your personalized application.

Select the Check Valves Fit Your Service

stainless steel check valve

Kinvalve provides many types of stainless steel check valves, including swing check valves, spring check valve, wafer check valve, and dual plate check valve. Available in flange/wafer or threaded ends, complete stainless steel constructions ensure high corrosion resistance.

wafer check valve

Kinvalve Wafer Check valve is a suitable full range of flange standards including ANSI, JIS and ISO. Ideal for media temperatures from -20°C to 180°C. Pressure tested to AP1598. Great for backflow prevention in a variety of liquid and gas applications including water treatment and gas industries.

3-swing check valve

Kinvalve Swing Check Valves have a solid structure and large flow capacity. Its smooth, unrestricted flow design features a significant cost. Kinvalve swing check valves feature integral soft sealing or metal to metal sealing for your options.

4-spring check valve

Kinvalve spring check valves feature a wafer type or threaded end type, available in carbon steel or all stainless steel construction. Suitable for steam, gas, or liquid service. They provide tight shut-off, minimizes water hammer, and also stops the recycling of pumps by preventing backflow of liquid.

High Quality Check Valves Protect Your Valuable Components

Kinvalve check valve is a automatic valves that do not require external force to open and close.

Unlike the other types of industrial valves, check valves continuously provide the ability to protect your downstream critical equipment, regardless of whether the outside world can provide air, electricity or human assistance.

You can find the importance of check valves in almost all projects, including industry, construction and municipal engineering. Generally, they are found in virtually every field where a pump is located.

As a professional check valve manufacturer and supplier with decades of experience, Kinvalve always require our customers to take a serious attitude to the humble check valves.

Check valve is one of the most important components in any of your applications that are involved in pumping or fluid moving. Same as the Y strainer, the simple design belies its critical nature.

Kinvalve check valve provides the first line of defense against backflow, and sometimes it’s backup to the failure mode, it also can help to save your energy waster.

It’s very important for you to select a suitable check valve your specific applications. Our engineer team will help you with the specification to do a better decision.

5-dual plate check valve

Kinvalve dual plate check valve features spring-loaded disc and wafer body design. These Duo Check Valves feature perfect capacity in line backflow prevention in a wide range of applications. Easy installation and maintenance. Available in wafer, lug, and double-flanged type end connections.

Check valve applications

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Kinvalve: Your Unique Check Valve Manufacturer

The check valve is also famous as a non-return valve or NRV. Kinvalve Check valves are recommended to prevent backflow reverse.

Kinvalve check valve is a one-way valve. Fluid can only pass through it in one direction. When the direction of the fluid in the pipeline is reversed, the check valve will automatically close.

This feature makes check valves to be a guardian of your valuable investment in the downstream.

At Kinvalve, various check valves have different closing mechanisms and principles. This difference will result in the different application environment.

In a pipeline, if there is no suitable check valve installed, it cannot be closed before the arrival of backflow, or repeated backflow causes it to be constantly in the open and close action, water hammer may occur.

The destructive power of the water hammer is great, which has a great impact on the downstream equipment and even causes damage.

As a professional check valve manufacturer with over 10 years of experience, Kinvalve knows everything about check valves.

Due to their function, Kinvalve check valves are used in almost every application of the industrial field. Industrial check valves are used in boilers, furnaces, gas systems, pumping applications.

Check Valves for Water

Our check valves are used in many drinking water and sewage treatment industries. These check valves are called water check valves.

For drinking water applications, check valves are used to prevent untreated water from entering the pipeline and contaminating the treated drinking water.

For wastewater treatment applications, check valves are used to prevent untreated wastewater from entering the pipeline and contaminating the treated water quality.

In your pumping application, a bottom valve or filter is used in the upstream to prevent unwanted impurities from damaging the pump, and the downstream check valve is used to prevent backflow from entering and damaging the pump when the pump stops.

As an original manufacturer of check valves, Kinvalve can supply you with both stainless steel check valves and carbon steel check valves.

At Kinvalve, SS304 and SS316 check valves are the most common stainless steel check valves for your corrosive service with long cycle life. While for the carbon steel check valve, a cast steel check valve is your commonest choice.

There are two kinds of end connections of the check valves including thread end and flange end. As mentioned before, like the other types of valves, flanged check valves are usually large check valves.

The dimensions can be upon to 12 inches. And the threaded check valves are normally small check valves; they are upon to 4 inches at most.

Kinvalve has been a professional check valve manufacturer and supplier for over 15 years. We can supply you with types of check valves in pressure rating up to Class 300.

At Kinvalve, there are regular ready stocks of check valves from 1/2 inch to 8 inches, and the delivery time for most of the regular orders will be within 15 days.

At Kinvalve, the swing check valve is the simplest in structure. The primary benefit of our swing check valve is its ability to allow a full, unobstructed flow, which is particularly important in your piping system that may require line cleaning.

Kinvalve swing check valve is also ideal to use for your low-cost systems with manual valves, such as gate valves in common use. Our swing check valve provides your application with low turbulence and pressure drop benefits.

And Kinvalve dual plate check valve with its compact wafer design is suitable to use in your liquid, natural gas, steam service and vacuum service.

The double-disc wafer check valve offers a short face to face dimension, is lighter in weight with a spring-assisted dual disc providing a low cracking pressure.

Kinvalve dual disc wafer check valve can be used in both horizontal and vertical (upward) flow applications, as you need. And our dual plate wafer check valve is a field serviceable check valve without the need for special tools.

Our threaded spring check valve is usually a small check valve with a size of up to 4 inches. Threaded spring check valves provide backflow in your water, steam systems with a small footprint.

The spring-operated mechanism offers your service with small cracking pressure and closing pressure as well as a tight seal.

Kinvalve spring check valve is an updated design to the traditional swing check valve to minimize the possibility of water hammer and turbulence.

Kinvalve wafer swing check valve features simple compact dimensions and reduced weight, in accordance with the range of flange standards including ANSI Class 150, DIN PN10/16.

They are specially designed and developed for your applications where a low-pressure loss is essential. Searching for check valves? Kinvalve’s got your back.

Our sales team and technical engineer service team with an average age of thirties will respond to your inquiry and questions within 24hours.

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