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Kinvalve is your reliable industrial process control valve manufacturer and supplier for various industrial applications. Our main products are Ball Valve, Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Check Valve, and Y Strainer following international standards to satisfy customers from all over the world.

Kinvalve prides itself in bringing innovative ideas and products that are driven by our customers’ requests and necessities. In this cycle, we will through the steps of recognizing the problem, defining the problem, developing a strategy to fix the problem, and evaluating the solution for accuracy, then we will finally solve this problem.

  • A strong and reliable partner in the development and manufacturing of industrial process control valves.
  • Long-standing relationship and excellent quick response service capacity for each customer.
  • Competitive pricing as well as a large stock of semi-finished and well-finished products with on-time delivery for small to large batches of industrial valves.
  • Compliance with ISO 9001, 14001, and 18001 as well as CE certified for optimum solutions to customer specifications.

Every customer requires a strong supplier that can meet the demands that continually change with each plant and each process within those plants. Kinvalve has been successful in not only meeting our customers’ requirements but also exceeding them for over three decades. Our commitment to this business has allowed Kinvalve to continually grow with our customers’ business.

Take advantage of Kinvalve’s expertise on industry valve capability and contact us today to experience the best service for your projects!

Kinvalve Industry Valve Manufacturing Capacity

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Kinvalve realizes it’s very important to have control of all production factors when we are strong enough to satisfy the demands of high level branded customers. This kind of customer is very strict about the delivery time.

Since then, Kinvalve invests the casting factory to meet the specifications of our customers, including customized service. Owning a casting factory ourselves gives us a lot of advantages. We can manage your orders under complete quality control from the source of casting material to castings, then to the production processing until the final inspection qualified all-round the whole production chain.

In addition, our foundry not only meets our casting requirements but also provides industrial valve castings to other valve manufacturers. This large-scale production ensures our price competitive. Having our own casting factory also can guarantee you can get your products quickly even at a peak time.

In the past year of 2019, our sales exceed 200 billion US dollars, and we have maintained an annual growth rate of more than 20% in recent years. Huge demands let us have a lot of inventory to ensure your orders get quick delivery.

The large stock also makes us accept your small order with better delivery time.

Every day our workshop can produce more than 20000 units of various valves. For general orders, our delivery time is no more than 15 days, or even shorter.

These all above factors ensure us to be your reliable industrial valve supplier only on delivery time but also on product quality control.

100% Satisfied Pre and After-sales Service

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Kinvalve’s service team including pre and after-sales service has always been based on trust and responsibility, with the concept of customer first, providing high standards of service to customers all over the world.

Pre Sales Service

Our pre-sales service starts from your first-time inquiry. Every customer’s inquiry will be answered with 24 hours. And there will be a dedicated sales in charge of your inquiries. He or she will be responsible until the end of your order and will respond to your after-sales service needs.

Our pre-sales service also includes the communication and confirmation of a series of transaction terms before you place an order, including price, product drawings, trade terms, delivery date, etc. In addition, in the process of order production, we will let you know the status of the product in the form of pictures and videos to confirm the production process.

After Sales Service

Since the foundation of Kinvalve, we have sold more than 5 million sets of industrial valves. We cannot say that every valve is perfect, but we face every imperfection with a highly responsible attitude.

Kinvalve offers an 18-month warranty for each valve. Within these 18 months, if our products fail, leak, or even damage during use (excluding human factors), we will be responsible for replacing the products with quality problems and delivering them to your warehouse. We will also provide appropriate compensation for your incidental loss.

For the projects that we participate in the bidding, the product quality assurance and other special terms need special discussion and decision.

Customize Your Valve and Printed Packaging & Branded Packaging

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Kinvalve provide you customized valve to fit the specification of your specific applications. Maybe the existing valve type cannot meet the special functional requirements; they need customized valve to match the specific new demand.

In view of this situation, our professional design engineers will configure and design the valve suitable according to your specific requirements. After discussion, modification and confirmation with you, our mold engineer will design a new mold according to the drawings, and then through the trial processing in our casting factory, and finally provide the tested samples for your trial use.

Of course, we also can customize the industrial valves according to your drawings or samples, the only thing you need is to contact us to start.

Some branded customers require their logos casted on the valve body not only printed on the handle plastic covers. This kind of customization will have the requirement on your order MOQ because of the cost problem.

At Kinvalve, there are three kinds of the most common and economical customization services. The first is the personal specific design on the handle cover. You can request to print any content like your logo on the handle cover and the color of the cover too. It’s the favorite customized service for most customers like trader, dealer or retailer.

The second is to laser the logo and heat number or other information on the valve bodies. Or you also can choose a kind of metal plate with lettering information you want.

The third is the custom printed packaging and brand packaging. Custom packing can turn your brand into the total package with full customization. It’s critical for the first impressions, brand recognition and more. Kinvalve can make the custom printed packaging or branded packaging according your requirement.

Customized service is an expansion of our ability to serve you better. Our core competence is to provide the reliable industrial valves with competitive price. Contact us to show you the power.

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