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Kinvalve 3 Way Actuated Ball Valve
Among Kinvalve’s products, the 3-way ball valve with actuator acts as the main “machine” of other ball valves in pipeline systems. It efficiently allows L port or T port configurations to instead of utilizing multiple 2 way ball valves.

Why Choose Kinvalve’s 3 Way Actuated Ball Valve

  • Available in Pneumatic or Electric Actuators
  • Kinvalve’s 3 Way Actuated Ball Valve Brings Creativity Out of yourself by Allowing you to Choose from a Variety of Styles and Designs.
  • Choose from L Port or T Port Structure for your Diverting or Mixing Applications.
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This Kinvalve 3 Way Actuated Ball Valve, Flanged End with different design standards. It features bolted body structure with ease access and replacement of seats and seals. Available in anti-blowout stem design, live-loading stem packing and multiple stem O-ring for reliable tight.

Working temperature from -45.5 to 246C temperature rating. It followes the design standards with pressure ratings of Class 150/300, DIN or ISO standard flanges, PN10/16/25/40, and JIS standards with JIS 10K/20K.

Key Benefits:

  • 1/2″ – 4″ (inches) sizes available(1/2” to 3” belong to side entry ball valve, 4” belongs to the top entry ball valve)
  • Body&Cap: Investment casting ASTM A351 Gr.CF8M, WCB as option
  • Ball: SS316 or SS304
  • Stem: SS316 or SS304
  • Seat&seal: PTFE as standard
  • Temperature Rating: -45.5C (-50F) to 246C (475F)
  • Handle with Locking Device Optional
  • Blowout-Proof Stem
  • Pressure Rating: ASME Class 150/300, ISO PN10/16/25/40
  • Test Standard: API 598
  • Fire-safe Design Optional
  • Anti-static device Optional
  • Pre-load Belleville Optional
  • V-ring Stem Packing Optional
  • Multiple O-ring Stem Seals on Request

Kinvalve 3 way actuated ball valves with threaded ends are available in a screwed-in body design that can withstand high pressure up to 1000psi. Engineered in blowout-proof stem and cup-to-cone style or live-loading stem packing for your choices. And emission-free body gaskets are always provided.

Choose from the L or T flow patterns for your diverter or mixer applications. Low emission design in stem packing and body gasket ensures zero leakage.

Key Benefits:

  • Size Range: 1/2″ – 4″
  • Steam Rating: 150 PSI WSP
  • Working Pressure: 1000 PSI
  • Body&Cap: Investment casting ASTM A351 Gr.CF8M, WCB Available
  • Ball: SS316 or SS304
  • Stem: SS316 or SS304
  • Seat&seal: PTFE as standard
  • Temperature Rating: -45.5C (-50F) to 246C (475F)
  • ISO-5211 Mounting Pad
  • Blowout-proof Stem
  • Test Standard: API 598
  • End Connections: Threaded End, BW, SW or Tri-clamp Available
  • Anti-Static Device Available
  • Fire-safe Design Available
  • Pre-load Belleville Washers Optional
  • V-ring Stem Packing Optional

Find The Best 3 Way Actuated Ball Valve at Kinvalve

At Kinvalve, you earn the power to design your own 3-way ball valve with an actuator. But the default product comes with an ISO5211 mounting pad that allows direct actuator mounting. With this feature, you need no bracket or drive coupling anymore for your automation.

Each piece incorporates several innovative and improved design features for world-class process performances. Through its packing system, each 3 way actuated ball valve truly turns into an ideal choice for any pipeline requirements.

Since it is engineered with an ISO 5211 mounting pad, it easily eliminates exposed moving parts while improving the actuator positioning. The product shows off its API 598 test standard quality ensuring a safer work environment for all.

Like any other ball valve at Kinvalve, this 3-way ball valve with actuator talks big despite being available in small sizes.

For the side entry ball valve, a 1/2” to 3” 3 way actuated ball valve assists you with your needs. Meanwhile, a 4” one is usually for the top entry ball valve.

For the ball and stem, you may opt to have SS316 or SS304. The body and cap provide optional ASTM A351 Gr.CF8M, WCB as an investment casting.

With its 3 piece construction, you may repair it smoothly while it assures proper alignment between the ball valves’ parts.

One of the best things about Kinvalve’s 3 way actuated ball valve is its flexibility toward the full range of end connections.

Consumers freely request for 3-way flanged ball valve, tri-clamp 3-way ball valve, and threaded 3-way ball valve.

These key benefits let you and your company enjoy the best pipeline system without the need to pay more. Regardless of the exact number of ball valves that you need, Kinvalve is here to help you.

For better connections for your pipeline, ask Kinvalve for help now!


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Kinvalve, The Best Provider of the Best 3 Way Actuated Ball Valves

Kinvalve lives up to its promise of providing the best 3-way ball valves for industrial use, and it will continue to share the products for better systems for all.

Its products receive the same amount of features, and the 3 way actuated ball valve ensures they all satisfy your needs.

This type of ball valve comes with a locking device to help your plant personnel to manage the valve whenever you need to manually operate it.

No one feels unsafe when you use Kinvalve’s products since their locking devices completely lockout and separate all types of energy.

The blow-out-proof stem maximizes this feature’s benefits since this provides stem sealing safety.

This stem prevents itself from being pushed out by the pressure whenever you replace the packing.

If your system requires the usage of 3-way electric ball valves or 3-way pneumatic ball valves, this ball valve with an actuator serves as the high-performance and quick solution to connect your materials.

Kinvalve also offers three modes for a 3 way actuated ball valve — electric, pneumatic, and operating mode.

These can be equipped with a lever and manual handle depending on your request.

The built-in and preload Belleville washers lead you to more advantages compared to the other 3 way actuated ball valves in the market.

Kinvalve creates this type of ball valve to support even a small installation space.

Due to its high service life, your system distributes the clamping force evenly for a long time, saving your money and energy at the same time.

The washer in this ball valve prevents sudden loosening or fastening of parts due to constant vibration. It also serves as the stress relaxation for the whole ball valve.

With its proven suspension, your system will be able to configure and distribute concentric force for a safer working environment.

Moreover, our ball valves have self-relieving soft seats made of PTFE material. It helps relieve pressure and immensely reduce the risks for accidents.

The pressure-assisted stem-packing shields inner components against intense emission as it supports side-load resistance.

Kinvalve’s dual material body gasket has both PTFE and graphite qualities which both protect against high pressure and guarantees fire-safe usage.

Kinvalve’s 3 way actuated ball valve is one of the most common types of multi-port ball valves.

Instead of using 2-way ball valves, using this still allows you to connect pipes more efficiently and wallet-friendly.

Due to its capacity to fit in the actuator, you and your company meet the standards and requirements for the pipeline system in the best way possible.

Experience the best at Kinvalve. Hit the message button to ask for assistance in whatever design you want for your ball valves.

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