Kinvalve 3 Piece Flanged Ball Valve
3 piece ball valve designed with flanged end connections, redundant seals, and customizable stem packing and emission-free body gaskets. Available in stainless steel and carbon steel body, and anti-blowout stem design. Adheres to API 598 Test Standard and comes with an optional ISO mounting pad.

Your Quality-Assured 3 Piece Flanged Ball Valve Manufacturer

  • Highest quality precision ASTM A351 Grade CF8M/CF8, or an optional WCB body
  • Approved by international standards flanged ends like ASME, DIN/ISO and JIS
  • ISO certificated mounting pad for pneumatic or electric actuators
  • 3-Piece-Flanged-Ball-Valve-Ball-Testing
  • Stainless-Steel-3-Piece-Flanged-Ball-Valve

At Kinvalve, we manufacture your 3 piece flanged ball valve adhering to all international standards. It is available in different sizes to suit different pipelines. Additionally, it also features an anti-blowout stem design, a fireproof design, and an anti-static design.

This 3 piece flanged ball valve also comes with a leak-proof guarantee pre-load Belleville washers, PTFE seat and seal, and V-ring stem packing optional.

Key Benefits:

  • Size: 1/2” to 12”
  • Body: ASTM A351 Gr.CF8M/CF8, WCB Available
  • Ball: SS316 or SS304
  • Stem: SS 316 or SS304
  • Seat&Seal: PTFE as Standard
  • End Connections: Threaded End, Socket Weld Ends, Butt-welded ends, tri-clamp connection
  • Working Pressure: Class 150/300, PN10-40, JIS 10k/20k
  • Temperature Range: -20° to 450 °F
  • Test Standard: API598, EN12266, and ISO5208
  • Lockable Lever Handle Available
  • Anti-static Devices Available
  • Fire-safe Design Available
  • Pre-load Belleville Washers Optional
  • Live-loading Stem Packing Optional
  • Multiple O-ring Stem Seals Optional

All-purpose 3 Piece Flanged Ball Valves for your Needs

Kinvalve 3 piece flanged ball valve is constructed in three different parts; one central body and two flange end caps. The two end caps are useful when connecting the ball valve to your pipelines.

The central body has the ball that controls pipeline flow, the stem which keeps it in place, the seat, seal, and other devices such as the anti-static device. It also connects to an optional mounting pad and the handle or actuator.

When you buy the Kinvalve 3 piece flanged ball valve, it comes with a swing-out body design that allows you to access the central body while the end caps remain intact.

They are easy to disassemble if you want to clean them or change seats and seals. A 3 piece flanged ball valve is ideal for industrial services that may require frequent maintenance.

It also helps you change seats and seals so your valve can withstand different pipeline pressure ratings, temperatures, and other flow medium demands.

The Kinvalve 3 piece flanged ball valve comes in different sizes, from ½ to 12 inches, so that you can choose the perfect size for your industry.

Additionally, you can get it in a stainless steel or carbon steel body and with an ISO 5211 mounting pad, a lockable handle, or even an actuator package of choice.

Just send us your 3 piece flanged ball valve specifications today so our experts can manufacture your customized piece!


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Kinvalve: Your Best 3 Piece Flanged Ball Valve Global Manufacturer

At Kinvalve, we understand the best features you need for the best 3 piece flanged ball valve. Our 3 piece flanged ball valve will suit your pipelines in different processing industries.

It is easy to install on pipes and also easy to maintain without removing it to save you money and time. It comes with safety features as required by all quality assessment bodies worldwide.

Additionally, the 3-piece structure offers you the most flexible usage. You not only can customize these 3 piece flanged ball valves with different types of end connections but also can engineer different sizes of connections to match your special pipeline configuration.

Our 3 piece flanged ball valve comes with several safety features, such as a blow-out stem proof design, an anti-static device, and a fire-safe design.

Generally speaking, when you decide to employ ball valves to the pipelines, the isolating capacity should be your most important concern. And the 3 piece flanged ball valves are no exception.

As a partner who has been certified by the ISO quality system and regards quality and reputation as life, we are committed to providing each customer with a 3-piece flanged ball valve solution that is economical and suitable for your service conditions.

Regardless of the internal leaking or external leaking, our mission is to prevent all the potential risks from your services.

Refer to a 3-piece flanged ball valve, the key point about the internal leaking is the seat design. At Kinvalve, you can custom the 3 piece flanged ball valves with different materials such as PTFE, RTFE, PPL, or graphite to suit your conditions.

These soft seated ball valves offer the widest applicability and they are the affordable choice with reliable tightness.

About these soft seats, you also can select the self-relieving or cavity-filled design to avoid thermal expansion or the medium trapped inside the cavity.

When the soft sealing 3 piece flanged ball valves are not suitable, you can also select the metal-to-metal ones. These metal seated ball valves are the perfect solution for wear, high temperature, and high corrosion.

While the external leaking problem, you need to pay more attention to the stem packing design and the body gaskets in the 3 piece flanged ball valves.

As a customer, I don’t think you will purchase ball valves for a project regardless of cost. The right is the best. Kinvalve offers the stem packing from the commonest PTFE, modified PTFE to PPL and graphite.

There are the simple but cost-efficient one-piece integrated, cup-to-cone type and the complex live-loading design for your options. Together with the backup of the O-ring, you will get the double-insurance 3 piece flanged ball valves.

If you consider our body gaskets with various materials and design schemes, you will get the 3 piece flanged ball valve that is armed to teeth.

The 3 piece flanged ball valve from Kinvalve can also come in either a full bore or reduced bore design. A full bore design has an internal diameter that is the same as the pipe diameter, while a reduced bore design has a smaller diameter than the pipes.

As a leading 3 piece ball valve manufacturer from China, we also make other types of ball valves and supply our products to more than 60 countries worldwide.

We design, manufacture, test, and package our 3 piece flanged ball valves from our state-of-the-art factory, which employs over 150 qualified workers and engineers.

We also have our casting workshop so we can manufacture your quality-assured 3 piece flanged ball valve from the first step to the last.

In the 18 years of service, Kinvalve has gained test standard certifications from API, ISO, CE, JIS, JB, ANSI, BS, and JIN.

On top of that, we can understand your customization requirements to ensure your 3 piece flanged ball valve meets your expectations and requirements.

We offer an 18-month quality assurance period for every 3 piece flanged ball valve you purchase from us.

The qualified customer service team from Kinvalve includes a sales team and an engineer support team; they work together 24/7 to answer all your questions and ensure your orders are met within good time.

You can call us today to share your 3 piece flanged ball valve needs, and we will customize it to your liking!

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