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Kinvalve 2 Piece Floating Ball Valve
Kinvalve 2-piece floating ball valves effectively control liquid flow with blowout-proof designs and support for various temperature extremes. Our valves are available in multiple sizes and can be configured to your liking.

Your Customized 2-Piece Floating Ball Valve

  • Supports multiple stem, flange, and ball materials for your convenience
  • Customizable manufacturing with options for O-ring stem seals, anti-static devices, and more
  • API 598-tested to ensure its leakage rates are under control
  • WCB-Flanged-2-Piece-Floating-Ball-Valve
  • 2inches-2pc-Flating-Ball-Valve

This threaded end ball valve features a compact connection between your pipe and valve. You can order this in an SS316 or SS304 stainless steel body. The PFTE seat ensures full control over the liquid to prevent buildups and clogs from developing in your setup.

Key Benefits:

  • Size: 1/4″ – 4″
  • Steam rating: 150 PSI WSP
  • Blow-out-proof Stem Design
  • Body: ASTM A351 Gr.CF8M, CF8, WCB on Request
  • Ball: SS316 or SS304
  • Stem: SS316 or SS304
  • Seat: PTFE as standard
  • End Connections: ANSI B 1.20.1 (NPT), DIN 259/DIN 2999, IS0 228-1
  • Working Pressure: 1000 PSI
  • Temperature Range: -20°F (-29°C)- 450°F(232°C)
  • Test Standard: API 598
  • Anti – Static Device Optional
  • API 607 fire safe design Optional
  • Live-loading Stem Packing Optional

Your ball valve will stay functional in more environments, as it uses a blowout-proof design that meets API 598 and EN12266 standards for safety and functionality. The valve is available in sizes from ½-inch to 12 inches.

Key Benefits:

    • Size: 1/2″ – 12″
    • Body: ASTM A351 Gr.CF8M/CF8, ASTM A216 Gr. WCB
    • Ball: SS304/SS316
    • Stem: SS304/SS316
    • Temperature Rating: -20°F (-29°C)- 450°F(232°C)
    • Working Pressure: Class 150/300, PN10-40, JIS 10k/20k
    • Face-to-Face: ANSI B16.10, DIN3202 and JIS B2002
    • Flange Dimensions: ANSI B16.5, DIN2632/2633 &DIN2634/2635 and JIS B2212/2214
    • Test Standard: API 598, ISO 5208, JIS B 2003
    • Anit-blowout Stem Design as Standard
    • ISO 5211 Mounting Pad Option
    • Anti-static Device Option
    • API 607 Fire-safe Design Option
    • Live-loaded Stem Packing Option

Kinvalve 2 Piece Floating Ball Valve – A Necessity For Work

Every industry has different standards for what should work in a ball valve. A floating ball valve is critical for many industrial applications, with small differential pressure, and good sealing performance.

Compared to the trunnion ball valve, the floating ball valve has a free ball that is not restricted by any components. Its design brings the advantage of simple structure and cost-effective for certain size and pressure rating.


Floating Ball Design

The 2-piece structure uses two valve body pieces to keep the ball in place. The design provides a better seal than a one-piece model. As pressure enters, the ball presses on the sealing surface on the outlet end, keeping a firm seal.

The 2-piece design is lightweight, easy to open and close, and produces minimal fluid resistance. The ball and valve seat are also separate from the medium, ensuring the sealing space will not develop erosion.

The team at Kinvalve can produce 2-piece floating ball valves that fit whatever standards your business requires. The design features one body joint, thus reducing the risk for leaks.

You can also take the valve apart for maintenance as necessary, something you cannot do with a one-piece ball valve.

Your valve will feature a stainless steel or carbon steel body depending on your preference. The sturdy design produces a small cavity that traps the medium while the valve is closed.

The sturdy material can support higher pressure levels, including ones up to 3.5 mpa.

Kinvalve proudly offers a vast assortment of 2-piece floating ball valves for your convenience. You can order a valve with a threaded or flanged end.

You can also request an SS304 or SS316 stainless steel body for your valve, or you can ask for a carbon steel body if you prefer.

Whether it’s for managing gas, liquid, or steam, your 2-piece floating ball valve from Kinvalve will be up to the task.

Contact Kinvalve for more information on how you can get a 2-piece floating ball valve that fits your needs.


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The Kinvalve 2-Piece Floating Ball Valve Provides Convenience

Kinvalve makes a 2-piece floating ball valve convenient for your applications and provides a secure body that will keep fluids, gases, steam, and other items from leaking into unwanted places at the wrong times.

Your valve will feature a Stainless Steel 316 body with PTFE to make the seats and seals and Stainless Steel 304 to produce non-wetted parts.

The compounds are necessary for ensuring a secure body while keeping the seal under control without being at risk of loss.

You can request a traditional design for your 2-piece floating ball valve. The design will include two ports for regular power control.

It is ideal for most applications, especially when the medium is not at risk of excess pressure or stress.

The self-relieving seat design is also a useful choice. The seat allows pressure to move out from the seat when the medium that is trapped while the valve is closed expands.

The design prevents excess pressure and reduces the risk of disruption.

Full-bore and reduced-bore options are also available. These choices will vary surrounding the bore diameter on the design versus the diameter of the surrounding pipework.

The full-bore design will feature a straight flow path. It does not reduce the flow making it suitable for environments where you can predict how the flow will move.

The full-bore arrangement does not produce flow resistance. It may also work in situation where your pipelines need to be buried underground.

A reduced-bore valve has a smaller bore diameter, which is necessary when trying to control gas and other items that might flow a little faster than other items.

Reduced-bore materials are lightweight and useful for gas or other items with properties similar to water.

Multiple stem seals can also work in your valve. A single-seal design will prevent leaks, while a double-seal layout uses extra materials to ensure the seal lasts longer.

A triple-seal arrangement is chemically inert and assists in regulating pressure levels.

The stem and packing are also essential to the setup. The stem connects the inside ball to the outside part of the valve, allowing the ball to rotate and stay flexible inside the unit.

The packing is a seal that goes around the shaft and keeps the media from going through the valve and escaping the space. The design ensures a consistent path for the medium you handle.

Kinvalve is proud to make top-rate 2-piece floating ball valves for all your applications. Each valve can be customized to your liking.

We understand the unique needs you hold for each valve, which is why we provide various options for your use when preparing a new valve.

You can request a valve with a threaded or flanged end. A threaded end will feature matching grooves that you can screw together.

A flanged end will produce a plate or ring that produces a rim at the end when fastened to a pipe. You can choose an end based on your preference or familiarity with whatever you wish to use.

Kinvalve 2-piece floating ball valves are available in stainless steel and carbon steel bodies.

You can request an SS304 or SS316 stainless steel ball and stem. These carbon steel materials can resist shock and intense heat.

SS316 is for cases where you might experience chlorides and various chemicals in your setup, while SS304 is for when you don’t expect to find any of these features in your work.

All threaded valves work with a pressure rating of 1000 psi, ensuring everyone’s safety. You can also request a heavy-duty model with a 2000 psi rating if you prefer.

Flanged valves work with ASME Class 150/300, JIS 10K/20K, and DIN/ISO PN10-40 standards.

You can also request a valve in any size you prefer. The threaded end models are available in sizes from ¼-inch to 4 inches. The flanged end models range from ½-inch to 12 inches.

Kinvalve can also produce various optional features on your valves if you request them. You can order an anti-static device to your valve.

You can also request a fire-safe design for your valves that meet API 607 standards.

Kinvalve guarantees the quality of all your valves. We at Kinvalve have years of experience as a top-rate manufacturer.

Our engineers can check on your demands and produce new valves based on your sizing needs and whatever special requirements you hold.

We can also create as many of these as you require, as no order is too large or small for us.

Contact us at Kinvalve today if you’re looking for a 2-piece floating ball valve for your industrial application. We can find a customized solution based on whatever needs you hold.

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