1000 WOG Ball Valve

Highest quality 1000 WOG ball valve suitable for temperature ranges between -20 to 450 F. Available in stainless steel, carbon steel, and other special alloys. Comes in different body designs, sizes, and bore styles.



Construction – 1P, 2P, 3P, 3-Way, Threaded Connections, Floating

Body Material – Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Duplex Stainless Steel, Special Alloy

Ball – V Port on Request

Stem – Forged T-head Stem, Blowout Proof, precisely processing for smooth operating

Seat – Metal or Soft

Size Range – DN15-DN100

End Connection – NPT/BSP, BW, SW

Pressure Rating – 1000PSI

Standard – Design to PED97/23/EC (CE0035), Butt Welding to ASME B16.25, Inspection and testing according to API598

Temperature Rage – -40°F – 650°F (Metal Seat)

What is a 1000 WOG Ball Valve?

A 1000 WOG ball valve is a ball valve that is ideal for water, oil, or gas industries and works with a maximum pressure rating of 1000 pound-force per square inch (PSI).

While WOG pressure rating indicates the maximum pressure in PSI which a ball valve can withstand at a low-temperature range, usually from 20F to 100F (29C – 38C). It is also a measure of the valve’s pressure rating.

So, a 1000 wog ball valve also can be called a 1000 PSI ball valve, and the WOG pressure rating is only used to describe the threaded ball valves.

Another term used to refer to your ball valve’s pressure rating is CWP, which means Cold Working Pressure at a temperature rating as high as 100F. Actually, CWP pressure rating is considered a more accurate synonym for WOG.

In other words, you can say a 1000 WOG ball valve is the same thing as a 1000 CWP ball valve. Additionally, you can also refer to a 1000 WOG ball valve as a 1000 PSI ball valve, with the PSI indicating the pipeline pressure rating.

When buying your ball valve, you can look for these abbreviations engraved with the 1000 number. Before you buy the best 1000 WOG ball valve, it would be best to understand what features can guarantee safety and durability once the ball valve is in your pipeline. For starters, understanding the relationship between pressure and temperature can be really helpful.

In simple terms, if the media in your pipes gets trapped inside the ball valve with no air, its temperature rises. When the temperature rises, the pressure also rises at a rate of 100 PSI for every 1F. This rate is called thermal expansion and can affect the ball valve sealing and effectivity.

It is important to understand the ball valve features; when rated 1000 WOG, it means the ball valve will remain effective as long as the pipeline pressure does not exceed 1000 PSI.

The ANSI B16.34 thermal expansion standard helps manufacturers design the best-quality ball valve that will not exceed a safe working pressure and temperature.

You will need proper installation so your 1000 PSI ball valve does not malfunction even when the pressure is below the maximum rates.

You can use your 1000 WOG ball valve in different pipelines such as sanitary pipelines, corrosive pipelines, and different industrial applications. The ball valve requires leak-proof sealing to minimize emissions, either internal or external.

A Kinvalve 1000 WOG ball valve comes with female or male threaded body ends. These end connections are ideal for high pressures of up to 3000 PSI since they do not need any moving parts during installation. The stem seal design also guarantees longevity for your pipelines using PTFE or metallic gaskets.

Depending on whether your 1000 PSI ball valve is a 1-piece, 2-piece, 3-piece, or 3-way ball valve, Kinvalve can use a one-piece or two matched gaskets (chevron packing) to seal the stem packing for reliable tight.

Kinvalve designs and manufactures the 1000 WOG ball valve adhering to international standards, and where you request it, we also customize it for your specific pipelines.

Share your 1000 PSI ball valve requirements today so our qualified personnel can advise you!

Kinvalve: Your Best 1000 WOG Ball Valve Manufacturer

As 1000 wog working pressure is ideal for a busy pipeline, there are some features other than sealing that guarantee safety and good performance. These include anti-blowout-proof stem designs and self-relieving seats.

An anti-blowout stem design will keep the stem intact in the case of thermal expansion and is also ideal for high-pressure pipelines.

Additionally, the 1000 PSI ball valve also comes with self-lubricating and self-relieving seats. A self-relieving seat is temporarily forced away from the ball valve by high upstream and downstream pressure.

Kinvalve 1000 WOG ball valve is designed for low torque, meaning the friction between these self-relieving seats and the stem will not accelerate the ball or seat deterioration, saving your actuator cost in automatic service, ensuring long cycle life at the same time.

Kinvalve 1000 WOG ball valve also comes with an anti-static device to prevents sparks and a fireproof design that ensures your pipelines are safe from fires.

Fire Safe Design

Your 1000 PSI ball valve from Kinvalve can also come with an actuator package for the industrial pipelines that you can’t operate manually. It will come with an ISO 5211 mounting pad and an actuator of choice between electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic.

Kinvalve 1000 WOG ball valve is designed for efficiency in the most demanding pipelines. You can choose from a myriad of ball valve sizes, materials; like stainless steel, carbon steel, and other special alloys.

Kinvalve is internationally acclaimed valve manufacture that currently supplies high-quality valves to more than 60 countries. Every step in the manufacturing process follows a strict procedure to guarantee quality and safety.

The process starts from our own casting facility that oversees the body design. We have hundreds of qualified personnel who ensure high-manufacturing standards, so you only get an effective 1000 WOG ball valve.

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Types of 1000 WOG Ball Valves

At Kinvalve, 1000 wog ball valves are described threaded ball valves, not flanged ball valves. The same as threaded ball valves, 1000 wog ball valves are also can be designed in one-piece, two-piece, three-piece and 3-way body construction.

  • One-Piece-1000-wog-Ball-Valve

    The water, oil, and gas 1-piece ball valve from Kinvalve supports a working pressure of 1000 PSI. It is a reduced bore valve with female ends and a stainless steel or carbon steel body. The temperature ranges between -20 to 450F.

  • 2-Piece-1000-Wog-Ball-Valve

    It comes in a stainless steel or carbon steel body suitable for a pipeline requiring a 1000 PSI working pressure. 2-piece ball valves are the most popular ball valves in the market, they are durable and cost efficient, with male/female connections.

  • 3-Piece-1000-Wog-Ball-Valve

    3-piece ball valve supports a working pressure of 1000 pounds per square inch, and it can have a stainless steel or carbon steel body. Available in a range of end connections such as SW, BW, or Tri-clamp as well as an ISO mounting pad.

  • 3-Way-1000-Wog-Ball-Valve

    The Kinvalve 3-Way 1000 WOG ball valve is best for low temperatures of -20 degrees and maximum temperatures of 450F. It is available in a full port design and either T or L port. It comes in stainless steel, carbon steel body.

  • 3-Way-1000-Wog-Ball-Valve-Squre

    Square ball valves are usually 3-way ball valves with flanged connections. This type of 3-way ball valves is more expensive but can bring more benefits, like firesafe design, V port seats, multi-way port configuration and easy maintenance.

1000 WOG Ball Valve Feature Box

Anti-static Devices

Kinvalve 1000 WOG ball valves can be designed with anti-static devices when your application is in flammable and explosive places such as oil and gas. In a 1000 WOG ball valve, the static electricity is generally caused by the constant friction between ball and seats. The spark generated by the static electricity will ignite the inflammable fluid. The anti-static devices will create a path from ball-stem-body to the ground. Then the static electricity will not flock inside the valve causing potential fire hazard.

Fire-safe Design

When a 1000 WOG ball valve is designed with fire safe function, you also can call it a fire safe ball valve. Fire safe ball valves are commonest according to API607 or API 6D standard. The 1000 WOG ball valves are used in refining and chemical processing applications. There’re two kinds of way to achieve the fire-safe design. First, you can use the fire-proof components, metallic seats and graphite packings, second, you can also choose the metal seat with thermoplastic insert and packings.

1000 WOG Ball Valve Mounting Pad
Integrated Mounting Pad

ISO 5211 is an international standard that defines the actuator dimensions and drive square size. In a simple word, it’s an ISO standard mounting interface. Our 1000 WOG ball valves can be integrated with an ISO5211 mounting pad. With this standard interface, you can mount an actuator directly even it is from any other suppliers. This direct mounting pad reduces the needs of coupling-type kits, saving your cost. The ISO mounting pad also provides the self-aligment for the actuator, eliminate the crossrange torque.

Flexible Connections

A 1000 WOG ball valve usually a threaded ball valve, but you not only have a female threaded ball valve, but also a female-tofemal and male-to-male threaded ball valve, or a male-to-male threaded ball valve. Especially the 3-piece ball valves and square ball valves provide you a flexible kinds of end connections even when they are installed in the field. The other types of 1000 WOG ball valves are factory-built configurations. You can not change the types of end connections easily.


Ideal for water, oil, and gas industries

Customized seats and seals with low emission design

Best quality 1000 PSI ball valve with different threaded ends

Variety of seat materials available, suitable for a wide range of applications

Metal seats are your option for high temperature and corrosive, erosive mediums

V port and traditional port for accurate flow control and zero-leaking shutoff capability

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