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Kinvalve can be
Unique in Quality
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Your Premier Industrial Valve Manufacturer and Supplier

  • 18 Years Experience in Manufacturing and Design
  • ISO Quality Approved Manufacturer
  • 200+ Qualified Employee Factory
  • 150+ sets High Performance CNC Lathes & other Equipment
  • Approved High Tech Enterprise
  • Own Valve castings workshop

ISO Quality Approved Factory: Your Reliable Industrial Valve Manufacturer

It is an aim of Kinvalve to achieve and sustain a leading position on the market. We, therefore, attach great importance to maintaining the reliability and high quality of both our company and our products. This is achieved by utilizing all available technical, organizational and economic resources.

To reach this goal, Kinvalve has introduced the quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO14001 as well as the certificate of OHSAS18001, CE, TS, and A1 certification. In addition, at the beginning of 2020, we have applied to the exam of API6D and API607.

Skyrocket Your Business from Kinvalve Industrial Valve

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About Kinvalve: Your Expert Industrial Valve supplier

Kinvalve has been an Industrial Valves supplier and manufacturer for over 18 years and developing industrial valves for almost every possible application.

The close relationship with our customers enables us always to tailor ball valve design to the needs called for by the market.

Kinvalve has been engaged in the design and manufacturing of stainless steel and carbon steel industrial valves including ball valve, gate valve, check valve as well as globe valve and Y Strainer.

The valves are manufactured according to ANSI, JB, API, ISO, BS, DIN, JIS standards and customer specific requirements.

Our industrial valves have been sold all over the world for wide use in petroleum, chemical, natural gas, light industry, electric power, pipeline transportation, fiber, leather, food, construction engineering, water and wastewater, refrigeration and so on.

As an ISO qualified industrial valve supplier and manufacturer, Kinvalve has established a quality assurance system and mechanism.

We introduced the domestic and foreign advanced automatic valve testing and processing equipment like material chemical composition analysis, ultrasonic thickness test, X-Ray inspection and high-performance CNC lathes.

These capacities guarantee our industrial valves a long lifespan and high performance.

Since 2010, in order to develop the international market well, Kinvalve has been an independent brand for our foreign customers. And since then, Kinvalve has been trusted and served hundreds of customers from over 60 countries all over the world.

Why Kinvalve Can Be Trusted by Over 60 Country Customers in the Past 18 Years

18+ years’ experience
Kinvalve has engaged in manufacturing and design industrial valves for over 18 years, we always devote ourselves to improve the design and manufacturing technology and supply better quality products to our customers from all over the world.
Quality control in the whole production processing
Kinvalve recognized it’s important to have our own valve casting factory at the very beginning and invested in a big casting factory 5 years after establishment. This guarantees us to take quality control on the starting of your order from casting parts to packing.
Impressive production capacity
With 200+ skilled workers, 20 engineers, 150 sets CNC lathers and other equipment and over 6000 square meters workshop and warehouse, Kinvalve can finish over 20,000pcs industrial valves, the large stock makes us finish the regular order within 15 days.
7X24 hours Customer Service
There are 20 salesmen with an average of 30 years old in our sales team and engineer support team to quickly respond to your inquiries and technical questions. Every single customer will get one salesman in charge. Your inquiry or question will get a response with 24 hours.
18 Months Quality Assurance
We guarantee our products for one year. Time starts when the products reach your warehouse. If you find any unqualified product with leakage and other problems after receiving the products, we will provide replacement free.
Customized Service
You can customize your industrial valves according to your specific requirements to satisfy your applications. Like body material, trim material, valve types, valve construction, valve configuration as well as valve seat type, packing seal and stem patterns also the plastic handle covers. We also supply customized packing services like packing boxes and carton specific design, specific packing for the supermarket.

Production Capacity Guarantee Your Delivery Time

Producing Team
At Kinvalve, over 120 skilled workers operate 100 sets of high-performance CNC lathers to process every part of the valves. Each worker has a fixed processing procedure to reduce errors and improve work efficiency; maintenance engineers are on duty on-site and regularly inspect the production line to ensure the continuous normal operation of the machine.
Engineer Team
Our engineer team will help and assist you to confirm the detail of the products in your order and supply you with the most efficient cost solution according to your specific requirements and will determine the optimal production plan to save cost and time.
Packing Team
Our packing team will pack the valves according to the mill packing standard, every item gets a standard packing quantity in a neutral packing. We also can supply the customized personal specific printing packing. In addition, our packing team will take charge of the last inspection of our industrial valves when packing before delivery.

How Kinvalve can be Unique in Quality Control

  • Material chemical composition testing before casting, and full inspection for the single casting before processing.
  • QC engineer regular inspection during the whole processing. Each processing, every component has got a responsible person, so the quality can be traced.
  • Two sets of standard gauges, micrometers and other measuring tools ensure the tolerance. One is for the testing on-site, and one for calibration. Every year all the measuring tools will be sent to the government-certified professional institutions for certification and verification.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning and drying machine to make our products pretty before packing.
  • Complete leaking testing for every single valve before delivery. We will not tolerate a substandard product leaving out our workshop.
  • The most important thing is that Kinvalve as an ISO approved manufacturer, all of our design and manufacturing and product testing and inspection processes are based on controllable and traceable standards. Together with the highly professional spirit and responsible professional attitude of every Kinvalve person, our customers have always trusted us.

Production Capacity Guarantee
Your Delivery Time

Material Inspect
Material Inspect
industrial valve designing
industrial valve packing and transport
Packing & Transport

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How could I trust you the first time we start to do business?

Based on the characteristics of international trade, trust is very important for both parties. First, Kinvalve has been a registered manufacturer of industrial valves for 18 years in Wenzhou, China. We have been trusted by hundreds of customers, some of whom have cooperated with us for more than 10 years. Some customers who have worked together for many years even have not met each other. All of these are based on trust.

Second, we sincerely welcome you to visit our factory before you place the order. And you also can find the third-party inspection service to our factory.

Third, we can accept flexible payment methods to protect the interests of both parties and relieve your worries.

How could you guarantee the products satisfy customer’s requirements?

First of all, before signing the contract, our engineer team and sales team will make sure that your requirements are clear, some product parameters you require such as material, working temperature, working pressure, suitable medium, etc. are acceptable to us.

Kinvalve as an ISO quality system approved manufacturer, all of our working processes follow the ISO quality control system standard from design to the last testing. Kinvalve changes to meet the demands of the industries it serves. The Kinvalve design team uses the most innovative technology to ensure every industrial valve will perform optimally. Prototypes are then ‘put through the wringer to guarantee the design process was successful. Individual materials and assemblies are subjected to a rigorous testing protocol prior to production release and during manufacturing. After assembly, each valve is actuated and tested prior to shipment. All products are certified for their capabilities, i.e., flow capacity, fire-safe, etc. These steps ensure the quality that customers have come to rely on from Kinvalve.

The most important thing is that we will keep you always in our production processing. Our sales team will keep you posted during all the important producing steps of your order. The visual production process allows you to participate in the whole process of your product production to ensure that your product is guaranteed, and the requirements are met.

How do you offer your customers a competitive price?
  • As a manufacturer with 18-year experience of in industrial valve producing and designing, Kinvalve is committed to improving the quality of our products, at the same time, we have been transforming the process from design to production to improve our production efficiency and reduce our production costs.
  • Our skilled workers and high-performance CNC equipment guarantee our higher Productivity.
  • Good production and procurement rules ensure our high yield, thereby reducing our production costs.
  • Last year, our turnover reached the US $15 million, and large-scale production and inventory helped us reduce production costs.
How could you guarantee the delivery time?

Kinvalve invested in our own casting factory when we recognized it’s important for us to guarantee the delivery time and quality control for our production. Our own casting factory ensures we can get enough castings we need in a short time even the quantity is not considerable.

At Kinvalve, we have ready stock of the regular hot sale products, semi-finished or full finished. These large stocks help us to short the lead time of your order.

Additional, over 100 skilled workers and over 150 sets of high-performance CNC equipment make sure your order can be finished on time at a high-quality level.

At last, we have long-term close cooperation with some well-known shipping and air transportation agents, they can ensure that your order quickly and safely reaches your hand with competitive charge.

What is your quality assurance policy?


Click here to get more information in detail.

What payment terms can you accept?

For new customers, our most commonly used payment methods are CIF, FOB, LC, or EXW, and there are other ways to protect the rights and interests of both parties.

For some old customers who have cooperated for a long time and have a good reputation, we can provide very flexible payment terms, and we can discuss the specific situation later.

How do you ensure communication efficiency when there is a time difference?

We have a relatively young average age sales team, and each salesman has a high enthusiasm for work. For customers who have no time difference with us, we will respond to your request and inquiry on the same day. For customers with the time difference, we have special sales staff to track down to 12:00 a.m. local time every day.

Of course, you can always get in touch with us on instant messaging tools like WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Facebook, and WeChat, etc.

Can you provide Air Freight or Sea Freight service?

Yes. As we said above, we have a long-term good relationship with several well-known shipping and air transportation agents who can provide door-to-door service with good competitive prices.

Can you provide OEM service?

Yes, we’d love to. Please click here to have more information.

Can you offer free samples?

Yes, we’d love to supply several free samples for your test before your first order. But you need to pay for the airfreight for yourself. Then we can refund this charge to you when you place your first order.

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